Parent & Youth Workshops

I think it is so important to be educated about the latest trends and issues facing our youth and how we as parents can continue to raise healthy kids! So I have created several interactive seminars for both parents and youth groups to provide education, equipment and humor to leave parents and teens both hopeful and energized! 

The following are, but not limited to, workshops I provide:

Youth Programs

  • Identity Development: Exploring the different facets of personality—the importance of genetics and the power of environment. Focusing on the confidence that can come when one knows who they are in both strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Assertiveness Training: Learning social skills and perspectives that give confidence and empowerment in daily interactions with peers, reducing the possibility of being bullied.

  • Sex & Dating: Discussing the biological, social, and emotional pressures and desires to date; While exploring healthy boundaries and expectations for ourselves and our partners. 
  • Female Health: “What your mom never told you about Aunt Flo.” Guide to female menses, hormones and behavioral changes during a female monthly cycle.  
  • Technology Impact: Information on how technology changes the brain, affects social relationships, and influences identity. 
  • Mental Health Struggles: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Self Harm, Suicide Ideation. Explore the symptoms, coping mechanisms, and treatment ideas. Presentation can be done for each individual topic or all together. 


Parent Programs 


Parents Guide to Teens—Navigating Technology. Providing information and parenting ideas regarding technology safety and awareness. 

Handout includes:

  • “Questions to ask before technology privileges”
  • Most common sites and apps used by youth
  • Technology contract
  • Consequence Ideas

Sex & Dating: Parents Guide. Discussing the biological, psychological, and social aspects of sex and dating for youth of today. 

Handout includes:

  • Biological Drive
  • “Questions to ask before they start dating.”
  • Dating Contract
  • Consequence ideas


Parents Guide: Bullying. Helping parents learn ways to empower their kids with confidence while also teaching social coping techniques if confronted with aggressive peers. 

Handout includes:

  • Stop Overprotection
  • Assertiveness training
  • Identity Development
  • Book & Website referrals


Paige Clingenpeel

Teen Therapist working with teens and parents on TV, Radio, Web-Based Media, Blogs, and Print. Presently a monthly contributor to the women's parenting & marriage site, and host of TBN's Tween show iShine K'Nect. Paige also provides individual therapy at LifeSprings Counseling Center, and works at Parkview Health as a student assistant counselor assigned to Carroll High School. Paige is married to Ryan and has two daughters and two sons!