I got in the Carpool line in my pajamas!

Ok, we ALL have those crazy days where nothing goes right! However, when we start comparing ourselves to others, we don't always judge ourselves fairly. This article reminds us to stop 'filling in the blanks" on others lives, and start offering ourselves more grace when our life becomes a little chaotic! 

Paige Clingenpeel

Teen Therapist working with teens and parents on TV, Radio, Web-Based Media, Blogs, and Print. Presently a monthly contributor to the women's parenting & marriage site iMom.com, and host of TBN's Tween show iShine K'Nect. Paige also provides individual therapy at LifeSprings Counseling Center, and works at Parkview Health as a student assistant counselor assigned to Carroll High School. Paige is married to Ryan and has two daughters and two sons!