Why Do Teens Do Drugs & Drink Alcohol?

High school is the time to experiment, to try out different personalities, appearances, friends, passions, and making drugs and alcohol so enticing. The school systems have been doing a great job of educating the students in health class about the dangers of drugs and alcohol so we have seen a decrease in the use of these substances.

In addition to teaching our kids the ’80s slogan of “Just Say No,” I think it’s important for us as parents to recognize why, even with education on the dangers, the use of substances is still an option. I have broken down what I have seen behind their motivation; it is complex and multifaceted. Therefore, we have to educate, offer support, display grace, and love intentionally to help our kids make good decisions.

Here is what I have seen. 

Paige Clingenpeel

Teen Therapist working with teens and parents on TV, Radio, Web-Based Media, Blogs, and Print. Presently a monthly contributor to the women's parenting & marriage site iMom.com, and host of TBN's Tween show iShine K'Nect. Paige also provides individual therapy at LifeSprings Counseling Center, and works at Parkview Health as a student assistant counselor assigned to Carroll High School. Paige is married to Ryan and has two daughters and two sons!