5 Ways You Could Fall into an Affair

“I can’t believe I had an affair,” Emily thought to herself. She reflected back on how her affair could have started, but not one thing stood out as the leading cause of her infidelity. Instead, it was a bunch of little things that happened before the first kiss. Seeing him in the preschool pick up line and thinking, he must be such a great husband and dad!Or when setting up the play date for the kids turned into a gripe session over their different marriages. If Emily had been aware of how her behaviors were setting her up to be unfaithful, it may have prevented the destructive results of her affair.  So be preventative instead of reactive. Here are 5 ways you could fall into an affair.

Paige Clingenpeel

Teen Therapist working with teens and parents on TV, Radio, Web-Based Media, Blogs, and Print. Presently a monthly contributor to the women's parenting & marriage site iMom.com, and host of TBN's Tween show iShine K'Nect. Paige also provides individual therapy at LifeSprings Counseling Center, and works at Parkview Health as a student assistant counselor assigned to Carroll High School. Paige is married to Ryan and has two daughters and two sons!